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Difficult Tenants

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What to do if a potential customer has no credit?

How & Why You Should Reward Your Toronto Tenants

There are specific ways that we like to reward our tenants, and we’re talking about that today. Here at Real Property Management, we love to pick up tenants who do a great job. We go through a lot of effort to select them. Eighty percent of the people who apply for our properties are denied because we know exactly what we’re looking for, and we have a scale that tells us when a tenant meets our requirements.

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Hi, Tenants – Landlords are Human, Too – Toronto Property Management Advice

Tenants are human, and so are you.

This is so simple, and many people overlook it. A lot of times, tenants view you as a corporation or a large conglomerate who doesn’t care about them and just has to follow obligations and collect rent checks. It’s a challenge to break that barrier and show there are humans on both sides.

Today, we’re talking about how we work with tenants.