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Stressed at finding great tenants?

Only looking for that AAA Brand great renter to make sure your home and investment are paying off?  Real Property Management Service has had many opportunities to work with great tenants and we would like to show our appreciation!

What makes for a great tenant and why would we want to highlight this?

Great tenants, that we have worked alongside, have been honest, open and willing to work with individuals such as ourselves to establish and maintain a professional, friendly business relationship!

Many of these outstanding people still live in properties that we manage! Some of those, who have needed to move, have even recommended Real Property Management Service to their new landlords suggesting that they hire our company to manage their property.

Whether you are looking to evaluate a great tenant that we work with or if a prospect is looking to provide a landlord with a reference, we just want to say thank you for being “you”! We have enjoyed working with you and hope that we can continue! Wishing you our best in your next step!

Look out, only great tenants will be listed below:

Kimberley K. – Tenant for over seven years. Quiet, respectful, diligent, proactive! A delight to work alongside! Quick to communicate an issue pertaining to the unit! Flexible and willing to assist maintenance vendors who need to visit the unit. Kept the home as her own; clean and organized! Would welcome her back with open arms!

Elizabeth R. – An assumed tenant by our Property Management Company. Tenant for over sixteen years! Outstandingly cooperative, professional and proactive! Truly polite and respectful! Willingness to listen and assist! Extremely flexible with and supportive of maintenance vendors and our office! A delight to work alongside and assist! The unit reflects a true sense of personal pride; a “home”! A tenant, who Real Property Management Service, is proud to serve!

Mark and Victoria B. – Attentive!  Acknowledging!  Appreciative!  Triple AAA Tenants indeed!  Successful tenants since 2015!  Cooperative, proactive and most “respectful and polite” throughout the Rental Application Process and ongoing Tenancy Agreement!  Willingness to listen and assist!  The line of communication continually remains open and responsive!  A joy to work alongside and assist! The rental home reflects a true sense of personal pride and thoughtfulness!  Tenants who Real Property Management Service is proud to serve and have as members of our Team!

Kathy T. – Polite, respectful and professional! Proactive and diligent in all circumstances! An outstanding tenant since 2012! Inspection Reports reflect a space that is treated with extraordinary care; a home! An honest individual from the get-go; Rental Application Process, Tenancy Agreement and years to date! Receptive and approachable; allowing for ease of and successful property management! The owner of the rental unit remains grateful for her tenant! Real Property Management Service continues to look forward to serving and working alongside the tenant as a valued member of our Team!

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