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Hi, Tenants – Landlords are Human, Too – Toronto Property Management Advice

Tenants are human, and so are you.

This is so simple, and many people overlook it. A lot of times, tenants view you as a corporation or a large conglomerate who doesn’t care about them and just has to follow obligations and collect rent checks. It’s a challenge to break that barrier and show there are humans on both sides.

Today, we’re talking about how we work with tenants.

Managing Tenant Relationships

How do you work with your tenants? Do you have a very personal relationship, or do you rely on sending automatic messages? What kind of image do you promote, and can you maintain a professional demeanor? There are some simple tools that we use to let tenants know there are real people here who care about them. We want them to care about us, too. The goal is to avoid any negative tenant relationships. Even the language that you use matters. Sometimes tenants are upset and yell because they don’t know who they’re talking to and they don’t trust that we can solve their problems.

It’s important to humanize yourself, and your tenants.

Welcome Baskets Introducing Tenants to the Neighborhood

Welcome baskets can help. When tenants arrive to move into a property, we provide a basket that has local coupons and discounts from the businesses in the region. These tenants are likely moving into a new area, so they probably don’t know what’s going on. They will need a new barber, a place to get their oil changed, and a store to buy groceries. The welcome basket helps to introduce them to the neighborhood so they can feel like members of the community.

Saying Happy Birthday with a Card

We also send birthday cards to our tenants. These don’t reference their age or the year they were born. They are simple notes and cards saying happy birthday, and we’re glad you’re here. Tenants know we want them to enjoy their time in the property, and that we’re here if things come up.

Introducing Ourselves as Property Managers

DiscussionFinally, we talk to our tenants with a video or a phone call. This lets the tenants put a voice and face or picture to the company and the name. When they call, they know who they’re speaking with. It’s not just the landlord or the property manager. They’re calling Jason. It helps the relationship if they have seen you, and they know who you are. It gives them something to relate to, and you’re a person, not just a company crunching out a number.

If you follow these steps, we believe you will see immediate transformations. Some landlords we know drop off a bottle of wine to their tenants. Do whatever works to humanize yourself. Tenants will love it, and you’ll have a different relationship. Arguments will likely switch to discussions, and solutions that didn’t seem possible will become very real.

If you need help with this, or you’d like additional tips on how to manage your properties and your tenants, please contact us at Real Property Management. We know what we’re doing, and we’d be happy to help you.

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