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Property Management Fees & Pricing

Every day your property is not leased, you lose money. Thousands of homeowners and investors trust us to manage their rental property and to maximize the return on their investment. To them the cost of property management is worth the price. We help property owners get market rent, avoid common mistakes and place quality tenants faster.

Our pricing is competitive with property managers in the area, however with us, you benefit from the added value of 30 plus years of property management experience from the nation’s leading property management company.  We are professional and trustworthy which ensures our owners and tenants are satisfied.  In addition, we make sure our clients know what to expect up front, with no hidden fees or surprises. Our customers value the services we provide, for a fair price.

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Single Family Home Property Management Fees

Standard Plan Premium Plan Premium Plus Plan
Monthly Management Fee ($125 Minimum) 6.9% of Collected Rent 8.9% of collected rent 10.9% of collected rent
Rent Collection
Bi Monthly Owner Payments
Maintenance coordination
Online access
24/7 emergency maintenance
Year end income expense documents
Expense code tracking
Bill payments/tenant bill back service
Tenant move in/out inspection
Tenant guarantee 6 Month * 12 Month *

Property Advertising Plans

Standard Plan Premium Plan Premium Plus Plan
All Advertising Costs 8.4% of Annual Rent 8.9% of Annual Rent 10.9% of Annual Rent
Rent Assessment
Professional property pictures with virtual tour
Tenant screening
Lease generation and signing
Tenant Replacement Guarantee 6 Month * 12 Month *
*Ask an associate about these and: Eviction Protection, Preventative Maintenance Plans, Non-resident Services, Vacant Property Inspections.

Our Property Management Services

We manage all aspects of your property – end to end – ensuring your investment is firing on all cylinders.

We use the latest technologies through pre-screening & credit checks to excellent tenant selection.

We regularly inspect your rental property, inside and out ensuring your property is in top notch condition.

We keep superb account of your properties income and expenses in compliance with general accounting principles.

When necessary, we initiate all legal steps in the fastest possible time frame. Even with careful placement there is occasionally a tenant who needs to be evicted. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable in state and local landlord/tenant laws.

From helping people discover your property to signing the lease, we manage all the steps in-between.

Consistent cash flow on a monthly basis is our top priority. We have follow-up procedures to ensure fees are collected on-time.

The web has changed how we market and we are leveraging the latest forms of digital advertising to effectively & inexpensively market your property.

With trusted contractors and negotiated rates, repairs and emergencies are handled quickly and effectively.

We provide regular updates, revenue & income reports so you can rest easy knowing your property is achieving it’s goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Property Management Fees

What percentage do most property management companies charge?

For a single family home, you can usually expect to pay upwards of 8% of the monthly rent. However, with Real Property Management Services, you can start with as little as 6.9% of the monthly rent.

When is the property management fees justified?

If you have multiple rental properties that need to be advertised, rented out, managed and maintained, it is advisable to invest in hiring a property management company than doing it all on your own. 

Does Property Management Fee include Maintenance Expenses?

While we will provide you with a list of independent vendors who can offer maintenance services, the actual maintenance will be chargeable on an ‘as is’ basis.