Real estate investing basics

You have decided to invest in Real Estate. In the following series of blogs, you will discover important information that every investor needs to know.

When looking for an investment property, you need to consider the whole picture price, location, rental income and property type.

One of the most important things you need to know about Real Estate investing is “The Power of Leverage”. The Power of Leverage is a very simple, but important principle when investing in real estate.

You only invest a small amount of the total value (the down payment) always keeping in mind that the total value of the property can change from year to year.

The location of a property can have all the meaning in the world. Always remember the age old adage “Location, Location, Location!” When selecting a property, you need to pay close attention to the location; how the neighbours care for their properties, is the location clean and safe and what has been the trend of property values in the area? These are all very important factors to consider. The goal is for your investment to be attractive, safe and to continue increasing in value.

The rental amount a property generates will be fundamental to your investment. Just because the average rent for a two bedroom unit, in your location, is $1200, does not mean that you will able to obtain this amount. Each area of your city will have different rates that people are willing to pay for a rental property. You will need to select a property that balances both rental income and purchase price.

As mentioned, there are a number of different property types but the basics include: single family, multi unit dwelling, apartment complex and commercial.

Many of these topics will be covered in greater detail in articles to come

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