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How & Why You Should Reward Your Toronto Tenants

There are specific ways that we like to reward our tenants, and we’re talking about that today. Here at Real Property Management, we love to pick up tenants who do a great job. We go through a lot of effort to select tenants. Eighty percent of the people who apply for our properties are denied because we know exactly what we’re looking for, and we have a scale that tells us when a tenant meets our requirements.

So, if you get into a property that we manage, we want to tell you how much we appreciate having you. We want you to take care of the home, report necessary property maintenance, and pay rent on time, and we’re here to help you do that.

Tenant Reference Page

If you’ve never seen a tenant reference page before, we invite you to go on our website and check it out. Here, we highlight all of the tenants who do a great job paying rent on time and keeping their property in exceptional condition. They can always find a stellar review on our website.

Birthday Cards and Welcome Baskets

We also like to send our tenants birthday cards. We let them know that we appreciate them, and we want to grow our tenant/property manager relationship. When someone moves into a new place, we provide a welcome basket. This introduces them to their new neighborhood. They’ll find information and discounts on where they can get their hair done, where they can get their oil changed, and where they can do their grocery shopping, we even have information on florists. When tenants move into a new neighborhood, they usually don’t have any contacts. Our welcome basket means they don’t have to only rely on Google. This breaks the ice for them in their new home.

Additional Tenant Rewards

Tenants are provided rewards for good performance. We partner with a lot of people and companies so tenants get points when they pay their rent. They can use these points to go see a movie or get a cup of coffee. These little discount cards that show we appreciate their efforts and we enjoy working with them.

Lastly, we provide rent discounts. This is becoming more popular, and it gives us the opportunity to show people that there’s a financial impact when they perform to our standards. We want to keep good tenants in place and paying rent.

Tenant Relationship Birthday GreetingTreat your tenants well, and they will treat you well. This works for a lot of landlords, and you don’t have to do anything special. Just focus on having a human relationship.

Good tenant relationships make your real estate investing a lot easier. If you’d like some additional ideas or you need help with Toronto property management, please contact us at Real Property Management.

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