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Tenant Credit Check

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/nZpqOio6rk8

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/nZpqOio6rk8

If a potential tenant gives you a credit report, pull one for yourself in order to confirm the tenant is giving you an accurate report in order to find the right tenant.

What to include on every application:

One of the many issues we see when landlords are managing their properties or working with an inexperienced property manager is how to include a tenant credit check in their lease to potentially save themselves from a bad tenant situation. There are two things that we find missing on most rental applications. One is, the ability to pull a tenants credit report. Two is not only pull their credit report now but also in the future. It’s important to include a tenant credit check on the rental application because it’s a signed document that you make part of your lease.

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Tenant Credit Check Video Transcript (swipe the PDF version here)

Crystal Horton:

Hello, I’m Crystal with business trends TV and today I get to interview Jason Mcguire with Real Property Management Service about tenant screening. So Jason, what do you include on every application?

Jason Mcguire:

What to include on every rental application

Sure. It’s two things that we find are missing on most rental applications that are super important. Always comes down to the ability to pull it had its credit not only now but anytime in the future. And so those are the two key points that we find are often missing from standard rental applications and even realtor applications. They just don’t give you that ability.

Crystal Horton:

Oh Wow. And, and why is it included on the application?

Jason Mcguire:

Should you accept tenant provided credit reports?

Well, you want included on the rental application because it’s a signed document that you’re going to make part of your lease and the reason you need that included in there not only now but in the future is if somebody gives you an application, they give you a credit check, you want to make sure it’s the person in front of you, that it’s actually giving you that information so you can pull your own credit check, make sure that the information was the same or that it’s accurate. And also if they move in the future, you can use their credit report to find out where they moved to so you don’t have to go and try following them around in your car or chasing them if they’re just going to up and disappear on you.

Crystal Horton:

Excellent point. I definitely know of an individual who didn’t follow those steps and was driving through alleys following this individual, trying to find them. And so those are excellent points, Jason. So for a local landlord who might need your services or have additional questions about tenant screening, how would they get in contact with you?

Jason Mcguire:

The best option is to give us a call. Four, one, six, six, four, two, one, four. Oh, four. Drop us a line on our website if you want to talk about property management, chasing tenants and midnight moves were always here. Let us know.

Crystal Horton:

Thank you for joining us today and see you next time.

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